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 Blacks Dodian beginner's guide

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PostSubject: Blacks Dodian beginner's guide   Fri Aug 24, 2007 6:32 pm

Hello. To introduce, this is a beginner guide for people from combat 3-10.
We will learn how to make money, train skills, and understanding the world,...
Also see the world map from black, look at his profile, click link in his bar.

If u start playing, and you don't know what to do, then the first thing you should do is make money.
While making money, you will achieve levels, including combat. Don't be disappointed, on
lvl 3-20 you wont get much money. From lvl 50 on, you will, depends on each person.
How? Simple! There are 4 pretty simple ways.

Way 1. Thieving.
This isn't really a way to get 'rich' but you could get some serious money
by thieving. First, start hitting cages! No, no autoing! You will be banned in no time.
After 20 thieving, start pickpocketing farmers. At farmers you get 5-15 feather each time you
pickpocket him. Get to lvl 85 by farmers. Until then, sell your feathers, get cash, and start
other money makers or achieve levels.

Way 2. Combat!
Yes, combat! Start killing rats, rats drop all kind of iron armor, and a iron 2h.
Once you get high enough, thinking you can kill warriors, start killing them!
Warriors don't drop anything. Don't be disappointed, there are many other monsters
who drops great stuff. After warriors, try out the druids (see Blacks world map)
for the coordinates. They drop all kind of mithril, including the 2h. Sick of
killing druids? Try at lvl 50+ the moss giants (mossies) They drop all kinds of
Addy armor and a 2h. Moss giants drops addy rare, but you have a chance, if you get
full addy with a 2h, and you are lvl 70 or something, start killing the Hero's surrounding
'Dad' No, they don't drop anything, just for lvling. Once you get 80+ strength,
try out killing a boss called 'Dad' he might drop a red key (further info see part red keys)
or rune! Dad drops all kind of rune, including the rune 2h. Once u got a red key, go
downstairs to the trap next to the smithing house on the right. There you have fire giants.

Way 3. Jogres (follower of way 2. combat!).
Jogres are a kind of bones, you can use them for prayer, or sell them for 5k each at the bank.
This is a money making guide, so we follow the path to sell the bones (jogres) Who/what
drops jogres? Well, fire giants does! (red key needed, see guide way 2. combat!) selling
jogres, is a way to get very rich, and achieve much combat lvls.

Way 4. Woodcutting.
Woodcutting is pretty simple, cut the logs, sell or fletch them.

Normal logs - 100 each
oak logs - 100 each
willow logs - 200 each
maple logs - 500 each
yew logs - 1k each
mage logs - 2k to 5k each

Normal - oak logs located in yanille.
willows located over the whole world.
maples - yews - mages located in cammelot (seers village)

Download the dodian beginners guide right now!
Download from rapidshare now!
Creditz - Black & Skriblez =]
tips always welcome! other guides, maps will follow!

Thank you. Please report missing objects, spelling faults,..
Tips are always welcome!
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Blacks Dodian beginner's guide
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